I don’t travel just to be going somewhere. I travel for the experiences. I dive, cruise, drink, boat, and explore as if that moment in time cannot be replicated. You would be amazed at how much more enjoyable travel is when you push beyond the edges of the ordinary.

Whether you are tired of the same old travel routines, want to know what it’s really like on a luxury cruise, how to find a seahorse, or beat everyone else to the newest wine regions, you have found the right website. If you are looking for more out of your travel, join me and learn how to travel with gusto, savor the flavors life offers, and break away from the travel herd.

Go more. Experience more. Enjoy it More.~ Melinda Crow

21 Ways Luxury Cruises are so Un-cruisey

Luxury Cruises Go Beyond the Cruise Norm No tipping. On luxury cruises, tips are usually either included in the cruise fare (without any break down) or are added to your bill automatically. This is a trend across all levels of cruising but has been...

It’s Cherry Blossom Season!

Everywhere you turn it seems there's another sign of spring. The daffodils are beginning to open and trees are budding—especially the cherry trees. I recently had the opportunity to compile a list of fifty places around the world where you can celebrate...

Be a First Reader

FirstRead.Me was founded on the principle of helping you find the best travel content on the Internet. We start the conversation here, then point you in the direction of more on the topic across the Internet, whether on other blogs or on...

Purposeful Travel Made Easy

Purposeful Travel Sounds Complicated When you think of purposeful travel, what comes to mind? To me, it sounds like it must involve soul searching, dirt digging, and world changing. I think the term has taken on that meaning when referring to voluntourism...

News on Celebrity Captain Kate MCCue

Captain Kate is Swapping Ships It's official: Captain Kate is no longer the Master of Celebrity Summit. She handed the ship off to Captain Charis over the weekend. After a short vacation, McCue will take over as the Master of Celebrity Equinox, again...

Cruise Review: AmaWaterways AmaSerena

Disclaimer: Gary and I were hosted by AmaWaterways on assignment for Cruise Critic.  AmaWaterways: Everything We Had Dreamed it Would Be As many ocean cruises as we have been on, this was our first river cruise AND our first time to visit the Christmas...

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