Melinda Crow

Before becoming a top-producing freelancer for Yahoo Travel, Crow began her writing career at the age of 28, writing for Texas Highways, 3-2-1 Contact, and Parenting, among others. In 1992, she wrote The Rockhound’s Guide to Texas, a Falcon Guide. That was quickly followed by The Rockhound’s Guide to New Mexico. Following the successes of those two guidebooks, Crow approached Falcon’s editors with a new subject– camping. While writing Camping Colorado, she developed the format for the series that would come to shape the entire Falcon brand, now known primarily for publishing guides that revolve around outdoor travel, particularly camping, hiking, climbing, and paddlesports. Camping Colorado is now in its third edition and Camping New Mexico in its second edition.

Following those early years of grueling guidebook research and writing, Crow took time off from writing to raise a daughter, own and operate a lakeside cabin resort, and spend every opportunity traveling North America and the Caribbean. Those years gave her a broad base of travel and tourism knowledge that continue to shape her writing today.

Yahoo Travel was reorganized into a digital online travel magazine in April 2014, by the editorial dream team of Paula Froelich,  Laura Begley Bloom, and Jo Piazza. Crow began writing for Yahoo Travel in September of that year, continuing until February 17, 2016, when the magazine was shuttered as part of a larger corporate reorganization at Yahoo. During those 18 months, Crow wrote more than 80 stories for the magazine, covering a wide array of topics including camping, cruising, and culinary travel. Those stories attracted millions of views from an engaged audience that left thousands of comments, with shares and likes reaching near 100,000 across social media channels.

Particularly popular was the 50 States Series, written exclusively by Crow. Story topics ranged from the best french fries in each state to the “Most American Experience” in each state.

Just one week before it was shut down, Yahoo Travel was named as the top online travel magazine by the North American Travel Journalists’ Association. Among the individual awards garnered by Yahoo Travel writers and editors, Crow took home the only Gold Prize.


2015 Gold Prize Winner from North American Travel Journalists Association2015 NATJA Awards - Gold Seal

Yahoo Travel Editor-in-chief Begley Bloom referred to her work as “clicky, you know, Melinda Crow-ish.”

Crow continues to travel and write, with preferred subjects including, beer and wine tourism, cruising, scuba, and everything related to the outdoors. Social media plays an integral part in every story she writes, with a heavy emphasis on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram coverage provided for every topic, before, during, and after the writing process. Her work has appeared in numerous popular media outlets.


Certification reviewer had this to say:

“Gotta say, this is how you do it. Your background as a travel writer really shows in the way you approach your topic in a fresh way, with fun headlines and solid writing style.”




Gary Crow

Adventurous photographer, inventor, and lakeside resort owner.

Any day is a good day for boating or diving somewhere in the world. Gary’s goal is to be in the right place at the right time as often as possible.

Follow him around the world on Instagram.


If you dive, check out Gary’s invention– EZ Tank Caps. Because nobody else bothered to change the design of a scuba tank dust cover in like… ever.

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