More to the Apple Watch Series 2 than Meets the Wrist

Apple Watch Series 2If you are like me and received an Apple Watch Series 2 as a gift, you may still be scratching your head wondering just what the heck to do with it. Like everything in my life, I want to know how it can improve not just my life, but my travel life.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

  • It is GPS-enabled, allowing apps like Dark Sky to follow you anywhere in the world and give you an accurate weather outlook.
  • It is pretty good as an activity tracker, including factoring in heart rate before deciding that the bumpy ride you took on an ATM was not a hike.
  • It is water resistant. It is water resistant to 50 meters, not waterproof. Apple says you can swim with it, even in salt water, but high-velocity activities like water skiing are bad. Snorkeling is okay, but not scuba diving according to Apple.
  • It lets you stay connected to texts, emails, and phone calls with a flick of your wrist, without having to dig for your phone while walking, driving, or any of the other fun things you do when you leave home.
  • The Apple Wallet from your phone is now on your wrist, making payments, coupons, membership cards, and boarding passes easier than ever to access.
  • It’s harder to steal. In high-risk locales, I would much rather zip my phone in a secure place and rely on the watch buckled to my wrist for digital assistance.
  • It has an emergency help button. Set his up in your watch settings under Emergency SOS and the phone can call for help for you in the event that you can’t reach your phone.

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