Want an Award-Winning Writing Coach?

Okay, I admit it, the headline is a trick question. Who would want a writing coach who was not a good writer to begin with? The real question is: Do you want a writing coach at all?

#WriteTruth: Almost Every Writer Needs a Writing Coach


The words you put on the page (any page) matter.


Whether you are selling a product, blogging about your adorable children, or writing a novel, having another set of eyes on the page BEFORE you hit “publish” or “send” gives you a sense of confidence that your work will be received as you intend it to be.

Some writers are lucky enough to have friends or colleagues that can fill that role.

But do your friends tell you the truth about your writing? And what are your aunt’s qualifications for telling you how to improve your blog post? Worst of all, do your designated first readers really believe that you can make a living with your words?

Hiring a qualified writing coach means you get honest opinions with solutions from an impartial, non-judgmental source who knows you can make money writing.

Read what makes me an award-winning writing coach here.

What’s the difference between a writing coach and an editor?

Editors are like the housekeeper you plan to hire once your words hit the jackpot. Editors will clean up your messes—mostly without complaint and without any thought about teaching you to live a neater, tidier writing life. The caveat is that if you cannot learn to clean up your act, an editor (like most housekeepers) will eventually leave you and your messes in favor of better writers. (Because there’s always a better writer than you.)

A writing coach is more like a mother lion—feeding and nurturing you until you are strong enough to hunt with the pride. They will be by your side teaching you the ways of the savannah, guiding, encouraging, never wavering until you are ready to tackle the big prey all on your own.

How to Know If YOU Need a Writing Coach?

  • If you can’t spot your own typos, you need a writing coach to help you learn the secrets of producing clean copy all the time.
  • If you want your words to whisper gently in the ear of your readers, nudging them into the world you are creating, you need a writing coach.
  • If your product sales are not where you want them to be but you don’t want to have to pay a sub-par ghost writer forever, you need a writing coach.
  • If sitting down to write feels like a chore most days, you need a writing coach to help you find the joy in putting the words on the page.
  • If you never seem to produce as much content as you’d like, or as much as your competitors, you need a writing coach.
  • If you are a blogger, novelist, or freelance writer not making quite as much money as you would like, you need a writing coach.
  • If you are selling your writing on Fivrr, trust me, you need a writing coach.
Hiring a writing coach is making an investment in your independence—especially your financial independence.

Hiring an award-winning writing coach is not as complicated as you might think. I’ve put together some options to get you started.

Melinda Crow’s #WriteTruth Coaching Plans:

Free plan: I don’t offer a free plan, because that would be like helping you plan to fail.


Getting to Know You Plan: I read a sample of your work (max 1,500 words) and provide a brief written critique and tips to improve your writing.
Price: $75
Clicking this button is the easiest way to get coaching from an award-winning writing coach.

Add phone coaching at $125 per half hour. eMail Us for a time. We’ll invoice you later.


Analytics and Deep Clean Plan: I read any document or set of documents and provide an in-depth analysis of your writing skills. I will show you the kinds of mistakes you make most often and offer advice regarding your voice, grammar, and improving your writing overall. Bonus: you get a proofed copy of your document.

Price: .10 per word (Is your article really ready to send to that new editor?)

eMail Us for instructions. We’ll invoice you later.
Add phone coaching at $125 per half hour. eMail Us for a time. We’ll invoice you later.


One-on-One Encouragement by the Month: I will read and comment on your output weekly while providing tips and advice on how to improve. I will ask the hard questions that help you move forward on long projects or help with new ideas, pitches, or finished blog posts. Show me your weak spots and I will help you fill them with strength. Cranking out weekly output for coaching also adds a layer of accountability—something that makes you a better writer by default.

Price: $1,750 per month; pay quarterly and save: $3,750 for 3-months; pay annually and save more: $12,000 (perfect for writing your bestselling book)
Add weekly phone coaching for $100 per half hour.
For one-on-one coaching, eMail Us for instructions. We’ll invoice you later.


#WriteTruth Improvement in Your Inbox Plan: You will get two articles/exercises per week to improve every aspect of your writing. This is not the same as targeted, one-on-one coaching because it does not involve me looking directly at YOUR writing and offering insight, but it’s as close I can get to giving out free advice.

Price: $12.99 per month subscription that you can start and stop anytime you want

If you don’t think you are ready to seriously invest in your writing or want a sample of my advice before you commit to in-depth coaching this is a great way to get started.


Fine print:

I do not coach travel writers or travel bloggers one-on-one. Since that is what I do, it feels a little weird to me to coach my fellow travel journalists. Having said that, I know that there is always room for improvement in our industry and if you know someone who is struggling, please share a link to the Improvement in Your Inbox plan.

What else I do not do:

  • Proofread or copyedit, except under the Analytics and Deep Clean plan.
  • Teach marketing, although I frequently provide links to astonishingly good marketing advice in my emails.
  • Teach blogging skills, same as above, I’m not here to teach you how to build your blog, but I can point you to people who do that and only that.
  • Re-write anything. I am not your editor. I won’t be re-writing your stuff—only helping you find the right way to say what you are thinking.
  • Make you talk about your feelings; this is not counseling, it’s coaching.
  • Share my best advice for free.
  • Share your information or writing with ANYONE unless you want me to.
  • Use YOUR successes in MY marketing plan unless you want me to.
  • Lie to spare your feelings.
  • Cheat you out of your hard-earned money.
  • Steal your words. (I’ve got plenty of my own, thanks.)
  • Spam your inbox. You only get what you sign up for.

That’s it. Ball’s in your court.

Either you want to invest in your writing until it unlocks your future or you don’t.