…and what to do about it.

Travel PulseIt’s too expensive

Cruise Truth: It is far less expensive than you think. There are always sales and special deals. To see where the best prices are at any point in time visit Vacations to Go where you can search for your perfect dates and destination.

You hate crowded spaces

Cruise Truth: Today’s cruise ships are designed to provide plenty of space for everyone. You rarely wait in long lines or feel like you are in a crowd. The best suggestion is to spring for the largest stateroom your budget will allow for so that you have your own private retreat away from everyone else onboard.

You don’t want to get Norovirus

Cruise Truth: Me neither. There is almost always a restroom facility near the buffet entrances. The best way to avoid picking up buffet-itis is to wash your hands after you fix your plate of food, but before you eat. It takes a little practice, but if it keeps your tummy healthy it’s worth it.

You think there’s nothing for your kids to do

Cruise Truth: You may be looking at the wrong cruise lines. Check this story to find out the best choices for family cruising.

Your kids are picky eaters

Cruise Truth: That’s not likely to be a problem on any cruise ship. Between room service, buffets, pizza and burger bars, and dining room meals designed for kids, there should be options that will work.

Someone in your family has a food sensitivity

Cruise Truth: Notify the cruise line in advance of your needs, then also tell your servers each time you dine. And for inspiration, follow my friend Rossana Wyatt, who writes about her gluten-free travels at Life is Full of Adventures.

There might be a hurricane

Cruise Truth: Yes, there might be. Cruise ships travel during hurricane season every year, thankfully without disaster. They may change the schedule or itinerary, and the worst-case scenario is that your cruise might be canceled and re-scheduled.cruise truth

You read about cruise ship violence or people falling overboard

Cruise Truth: All travel comes with a risk of violence. Your goal is to stay vigilant, as you would on any other vacation, and don’t lean over the rails.

You are sure you will be seasick

Cruise Truth: This is a very real possibility. Talk to your doctor about it if you are particularly concerned. There are prescription patches and medications that can all but eliminate seasickness for most people.

There will be too many old people

Cruise Truth: The average age of passengers on some cruises is north of 55, but if your goal is to avoid the geriatric crowd, stick with cruise lines known to have a younger customer base. Look particularly at Royal Caribbean or Carnival. Note also that cruises in the Caribbean are the most likely to have a young passenger base.

There will be too many children

Cruise Truth: Stick with the tried and true lines of Holland America, Viking Ocean, or a full luxury line like Silversea to avoid children.

You are a Millennial

Cruise Truth: Trust me when I tell you that there will be Millennials on almost any cruise you choose. Maybe it’s a secret society or something.

You think it’s too late to book this season

There are great last-minute deals to be found. Again, I would start the search at Vacations to Go for the sake of simplicity or call a travel agent for help.

You might gain weight

Cruise Truth: That could happen at home on the couch too. Which sounds like more fun?

You prefer the beach

Cruise Truth: This is when itinerary matters. Start your search in the Caribbean, looking for cruises that stop at Grand Cayman, Costa Maya, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, or any of the private islands owned by the cruise lines. All of those destinations have fabulous beaches just waiting for you. And the best part is that you get to try more than one beach on your cruise.

You like to scuba divecruise truth

Cruise Truth: Gary and I have been scuba diving from cruise ships for decades. It’s the best way to try more than one dive destination in a single vacation. Plus, if there are non-diving members of your travel group, there are no worries about leaving them behind while you go blow bubbles. They can do their thing while you do yours.

They don’t go where you want to go

Cruise Truth: Seriously? Cruise ships can get you to almost any part of the world these days. Some, like Azamara, even have overnight excursions that take you far inland from the port, then catch you back up to the ship at the next stop.



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