We know you have questions about cruising!

Cruising can get complicated. No matter how many cruises you have been on, there is always something that pops up that you don’t know. The fact that there is always something new to learn about is part of what makes cruising so much fun, right? We have been busy with Cruise Critic researching more topics. The questions below are all deceptively complicated. While researching these, I found myself in awe of the language of cruising the seas.

Hopefully, you will find answers to your top questions about cruising, either here or on our Cruising 101 list of basic questions.


What is a Cruise Critic Roll Call?

What is the Cruise Passenger Bill of Rights?

What is shuffleboard on a cruise ship?

What is a transatlantic cruise?

What is shoulder season?

What is a soda package on a cruise ship?

What is Turnaround Day on a cruise ship?

What is voluntourism on a cruise ship?

What Is a Cruise Ship Lifeboat?