Cruising 101: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

cruising 101

Welcome to our Cruising 101 page. Whether you have cruised before, or are just considering it for the first time, there are likely some questions you will have. Cruising comes with its own language. Between nautical terms and marketing-speak developed by the cruise lines, there are terms that may seem foreign to you. Gary and I have been cruising for decades, and occasionally we still encounter a term we don’t recognize.

Do you know what a steel cutting ceremony is? Hint: it comes before the christening– way before.

Cruising 101

How about a thalassotherapy pool? You may have cruised a dozen times and not know what the heck this is, where it is on the ship, and why you might want to try it. Let’s start with the pronunciation: thu-LASS-o-therapy.


Cruise Critic and I Have Some Answers for You

I recently began working with Cruise Critic on defining some of the common cruising terms that both new and repeat cruisers ask about. I will be sharing these “What Is” posts here and on my Facebook page as they are published on the Cruise Critic site. If you haven’t already liked my #traveltruth page, now is a great time. That way you won’t miss a single post! And be sure to join the conversation on Facebook and tell us whether you knew the answers to some of the questions!

Even avid cruisers should find some of our Cruising 101 posts surprising. There’s always something interesting to learn about cruising, right? The questions and answers on Cruise Critic will appear in the blocks at the bottom of the page here, but don’t forget to read some of our previous cruise stories like these:

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Ready to get your education started? Here is the first set of questions from Cruise Critic.

What the heck is SOLAS? And why does it matter to YOU?

What Is a Wheelhouse on a River Cruise Ship?

What Is a Promenade Deck on a Cruise?

What Is a Thalassotherapy Pool on a Cruise Ship?

What Is a Cruise Ship Steel Cutting Ceremony?

What Is a Sea Day on a Cruise?

Are you learning anything yet? Keep reading for more cruise knowledge!

What Is Friends of Bill W. on a Cruise?

What Is a Gangway on a Cruise Ship?

What Is a Cruise Ship Christening?

What Is Assigned or Set-Seating Dining on a Cruise Ship?

What Is the Chef's Table on a Cruise?

Ready for Even More? Here you go!

What Is a Group Charter Cruise?

What Is a Cruise Director?

What Is the Captain's Table on a Cruise Ship?

What Is a Cabin Steward on a Cruise Ship?

What Is a Cruise Ship Dry Dock?

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to watch for Facebook announcements when a new set is published!

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