Clean out your closets, your drawers, your attic. Give what you don’t need or use to charity, post it on E-Bay, or have a garage sale. Less stuff in your possession means less stuff for you to worry about. Do you really need four black skirts? Three tennis racquets? Your old laptop with the cracked screen and questionable hard drive?

Those things are in your way– literally and figuratively. Stuff in your way keeps you from moving forward in life.

What if a friend or loved one lost their home in a flood or fire and needed shelter? Is there room in your home? Is there room in your life?

Recreational scuba diving is what Gary and I do for fun. We have been diving for roughly seventeen years and we have seen people haul a lot of stuff around that they think they need for diving. You see them at airports and on dive boats luggage bulging with gear that gets in everyone’s way. The reality is that you need gear that allows you to breathe, you need to be protected from the effects of a wet environment, and you need to be able to control your buoyancy in water. Anything else limits your mobility, invadesĀ other people’s space, and prevents you from carrying your buddy’s load if the need arises.

Add nourishment and you’ve pretty much got all of life’s requirements:

Breathe, protect yourself, stay afloat, and be prepared to carry the guy next to you.