Melinda Crow

Melinda Crow

Travel Experience Expert

Melinda Crow

Melinda Crow

Experience Travel Content Marketer

Melinda Crow

Melinda Crow

Travel Writer

Put experience travel content to work for your business.

We all travel for the experiences. Our job is simply to point that out. When you talk about amenities and activities you don’t inspire action. Your followers, your potential customers, need to know that you are leading them toward the best travel experiences on the planet. If you aren’t– they’re going to move along to the next stop on the Internet Train.

Competition is HUGE

There are more and more choices available to the traveler every day.

  • There will always be another boutique hotel–hell, even the big brands like Marriott are invading the “boutique” space. (And let’s not forget that piece of your business that Airbnb is taking away.)
  • There will always be another cruise line begging for your customer’s attention. (Sir Richard Branson, anyone?)
  • You are not the only one selling luggage, travel clothes, tours, beer, wine, or cameras.
  • Think you’ve got the best blog, best travel website, best travel ANYTHING? You probably did until the new guy with his latest and greatest stuff came along.

You must set your travel business apart with travel content that screams EXPERIENCE.

So who’s going to write your next piece of web content? The fledgling freelancer who writes for free? Some guy from the other side of the globe that you found on Fiverr? Or a seasoned travel writer/photographer team whose work has been seen in popular national media?

experience travel content

Put experience in front of your customers by hiring actual travel journalists who:

  • understand that your customers can see right through marketing-only content
  • can weave your marketing message into travel stories that truly connect with your audience
  • contributed to one of the best travel websites in the country in 2015: Yahoo Travel
  • also happen to have owned a travel business for 18 years
  • lobbied the Texas legislature for six years to get better tourism laws for their community
  • are actual travel experts that your customers can find and follow on social media
  • and can help your brand build excitement and trust, the key ingredients for loyal customers.

Let us take your business or destination to new places with professional photography by Gary & professional writing by Melinda.

Press Trips & Destination Partnerships: Invite us to your property, city, or country! We will showcase our visit on social media, here on FirstRead.Me, and in many cases, on national media outlets. We accept hosted trips, as well as paid partnerships that go beyond the ordinary to promote travel to your piece of paradise.

Sponsored Content: Whether your team writes the content, or we do, if you have a product that we are comfortable recommending to our readers and you are willing to accept No-Follow links, we can arrange for a sponsored post.

Product Reviews: We are happy to test any product that has value to the traveler. We do not write negative reviews, so if your product is found lacking, we will simply return it. We do not enter into any monetary contracts without first-hand knowledge of the product. We also do not provide reviews based on press-releases.

Ambassadorship Programs: We work hard for brands we love! If an ongoing relationship is something of interest to you, let’s talk. We accept both paid ambassadorships and product review ambassadorships.  

Social Media Services: Our social media empire is the basis of our business. It’s our megaphone connected to the world. If you could use a little of that, we are available either to handle your social accounts or post your product on ours. Rates are available on request.

Whether you want us to write about you or for you, let’s start with a conversation. We are ready to listen.

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