experience travelThere’s that moment on a trip when you realize that you are changed. Maybe a new flavor or aroma has melted into your senses. Maybe your heart fluttered and your breath quickened at your first sight of a seahorse swaying in the current, its breath quickening also as you peer at it in wonder. Maybe for you, it’s about walking where ancients once walked or perhaps the opposite: where few men have ever trod. It may be as simple as staying in a vacation rental so that you can live like a local. Or maybe it’s about breaking away from your cruise ship shopping tour in favor of a walk through a grocery store.

Experience Travel Your Way

The term “experience travel” implies all of those things, but it’s more than adventure travel, more than luxury travel, more than culinary travel. It’s about traveling purely for the experiences, seeking out the new, the amazing, the hilarious, the things that change you. The goal of experience travel is to leave you raw with emotion and hungry for more– even months after you return home.

If your idea of a perfect trip involves days of endless beach-sitting from behind your sunglasses and your Kindle, you may be in the wrong place. I’m not saying that you travel badly; if that’s what makes you whole again then go for it. What makes me whole again is tasting the salty spray of ocean waves splashing overboard as the speedboat I’m riding on flies past all those blurry images of beach sitters glued to their Kindles.

If by chance, you want a break from your beach days to get more out of your outrageously expensive trip than a tan and a gritty butt, I hope that you find inspiration here.

The topics will vary widely from beer and wine experiences to camping to luxury cruising. And don’t think for a moment that experience traveling is all about expensive trips. I’ve had perfect travel experiences sleeping in my car, cruising in a cheap inside cabin on deck two, as well as staying in a luxury hotel that bills itself as worthy of seven stars. It’s the experience that counts, not the cost.


Go more. Experience more. Enjoy it more.

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