For those who would joyously march in rank and file, they have already earned my contempt, for they were given a large brain by accident when a spinal chord would have sufficed.
~Albert Einstein

You Are Not a UPS Driver            

Did you know that UPS employs routing software specifically designed to eliminate or reduce the left-hand turns made by its delivery vehicles? It seems that going left is harder and more time consuming. Did you also know that most grocery stores are designed to produce a flow of traffic that starts to your right as you enter the store? Stop and think for a minute about the last time you entered an amusement park, zoo, or museum. Generally the flow of traffic is to the right.

Go left. Left is where the short lines are. Left gets you to the polar bear exhibit while it’s still cool enough to see them playing in the water. Left is uncharted territory. It’s backwards, but good backwards. Left is hard, unless of course, you’re a race horse or race car driver trained to go around in a left-hand circle so that spectators can feel comfortable watching you move to their right. It’s ironic that race horse champion Big Brown was named for UPS. He won the Kentucky Derby after all, by turning left.

Go left. Stretch your boundaries. Move at your own pace not that of the pack or what is dictated by some traffic flow designer somewhere. Walk through doorways and make a deliberate decision to go to the left. See what things look like from a new perspective.

It means renting a car and wandering the city on your own rather than taking the tour. It means walking when everyone else is getting a cab. It means taking a chance on an unknown eatery rather than a chain restaurant. It means staying at a Mom & Pop resort rather than a highway hotel. It’s about exploring your surroundings in such a way that you discover who you really are and what you want from your life’s journey