I don’t travel just to be going somewhere. I travel for the experiences. I dive, cruise, drink, boat, and explore as if that moment in time cannot be replicated. You would be amazed at how much more enjoyable travel is when you push beyond the edges of the ordinary.

Whether you are tired of the same old travel routines, want to know what it’s really like on a luxury cruise, how to find a seahorse, or beat everyone else to the newest wine regions, you have found the right website. If you are looking for more out of your travel, join me and learn how to travel with gusto, savor the flavors life offers, and break away from the travel herd.

Go more. Experience more. Enjoy it More.~ Melinda Crow

Scuba Dive Review: St. Vincent

Scuba Dive Review: St. Vincent Disclaimer: Gary and I were hosted on a Windstar cruise that took us to St. Vincent. Our diving was not hosted. All opinions are my own.  Life is good anytime we have the opportunity to do a scuba dive review, so let's jump...

Catch Up on Our Travel Pulse Stories

Stories on Travel Pulse These are often the first stories we write when we return home, mainly because Travel Pulse excites us. We hope it does the same for you. Our spring travels took us back to Bonaire to see the new Marriott Courtyard, which we adored. We also...

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