Paula Froelich

A Broad Abroad: Paula Froelich

Name: Paula Froelich

What you do: Founder, A Broad Abroad; Journalist, Traveler, Brand Ambassador

Website or blogA Broad Abroad

Social media feeds:
Insta: @pfro
Twitter: @pfro
Snapchat: @karlfro

Where you’ve been lately:

  1. Where was your most recent travel adventure? I went with Jarslberg (the yummy cheese!) to Norway.
  2. What was your favorite experience there? The fjords and the little towns on them are like storybook scenes come to life. It’s so beautiful. And Oslo is eye candy heaven for women. Seriously. It’s chock full of tall, handsome Vikings.
  3.  Would you go back? HECK YES!
  4.  Could you live there? Only in the summer. The winter there is pretty bleak. BUT, Norway has excellent social programs and people live a good life there. However, I love America and always want to live here.

Animal travel:

  1. What’s your favorite animal travel experience? Wow, this is tough. I’ve made out with a giraffe, swum with Manta Rays and crocodiles, cuddled with baby cheetahs, visited a rhino orphanage and chilled with kangaroos… but my favorite would have to be the elephant retirement home I visited in Myanmar.

    I Spent the Best Day of My Life In A Burmese Elephant Retirement Home

    It was just… magical and lovely to see these animals get the love and respect they deserve after a rough life.

  2.  Do you have an animal travel bucket list? Yep! I want to swim with sharks in Australia or South Africa, work with pandas in China, and to see polar bears in Canada!

Culinary travel:

  1. Beer, wine, or hard liquor? All of the above?
  1. Have you ever traveled for one of the above? Yep. I went to Mexico to do a video on Herradura tequila,
    which changed my entire perspective on it… #TeamAnejoForever!
  1. What won’t you eat? That’s hard – I’ve eaten a lot… including some preety gross parts of a pig, fermented bees and… well, you don’t want to know. If I am somewhere – especially in someone’s home – I will eat most anything. But. I never want to eat dog or monkey.

Outdoor travel:

  1. Camping or glamping? Both – depends on who I’m with (camping if the person I’m with can set up a tent and is outdoor handy as I am not), and the mood I’m in.
  1. Is there a camping destination you’d love to try? South Dakota and Yellowstone. Actually, any of the national parks
  1. What’s your adventure profile? Hard, soft, or no thank you? I will do most anything – but I’m not stupid. I like my life and am not bungee jumping or plopping out of airplanes, That’s just stupid
  1. Sailboat or speedboat? Neither. I get seasick.


  1. Big ship, small ship, or no ship? No ship or small ship with Dramamine.
  1. Caribbean or Mediterranean? Mediterranean. Definitely. 
  1. The one thing a cruise line could do that might change your mind about cruising (or not cruising)? I actually don’t mind a smaller cruise ship – it’s a remarkably civil way to travel, especially with a group of people (family, etc). I did an Azamara cruise with my dad a few years ago and it was great – we didn’t have to repack every night, the boat left the dock very late – 10pm – so we could eat dinner on shore every evening, and we woke up in a different lovely two every morning.


  1. Europe or Asia? Asia.
  2. North America or South America? South America
  3. Africa or Australia? Africa (note: I love Australia but there are many different countries in Africa I still need to check out!)
  4. New York or Los Angeles? Depends on if you’re asking me in summer or winter.  
  5. Hawaii or Alaska? Alaska

Last words:

  1.  Advice you’d like to share -Just do it. No more excuses. Put one foot in front of the other and go – be bold. Be brave.  Reclaim your life and yourself through travel. 
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  3. Where are you headed next? I’m off to the Calgary Stampede in July (the world’s biggest rodeo!) and Tanzania in August.

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