Introducing, Rooms A Selection of Rooms to See From Around the World

Often the rooms we encounter when we travel set the tone for the experience. And yet, great rooms are probably the least written-about things on most travel sites. Even when a hotel room wows you upon arrival or a cruise ship cabin is your place of comfort as the sea rocks you to sleep each night of your journey, they can get lost amid the details of the rest of the trip.

Rooms is our homage to spaces well experienced, whether they be luxury hotel rooms, to-die-for bathrooms, sky suites in stadiums, or comfy vacation cottages.

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There are plenty of rooms to see! Write about yours.

Fellow writers, we want your rooms! If you are like us, you have slept/eaten/walked through/peed in some extraordinary rooms on your travels. But sadly the rooms themselves often get second-rate coverage, taking a backseat to the hotel, the destination, the food, and the activities.

Rather than continuing to suffer silently with your guilt at not providing adequate coverage of the rooms themselves, share them on our Rooms page. We are not Trip Advisor. We are not looking for reviews. We want stories, details, and visuals, not fluff.

The rooms can be actual hotel rooms (with the room number if you remember it) or rooms in interesting places. We have provided five handy formats below that your room featurette should fit into. If it doesn’t fit; don’t pitch it.

We can’t pay contributors at this point, but we will provide a short bio with a link to the home page of your blog AND big-box “Read More” links to up to three stories you have written about the destination your room is part of.

And of course, we will provide social media coverage of your Room post, including on our dedicated Rooms to See Facebook page.

Here’s how to pitch us your ideas:

  • Your email subject line should look like this: ROOM PITCH: (name of room location/hotel). The email address is 2gmcrow (at) gmail.
  • Attach or provide a link to at least one photo of the room you are pitching. (Yours or your travel partner’s photos ONLY. No photos sourced from the hotel, the Internet, or PR firms, please.)
  • Using one of the formats below, fill in the blanks to give us your title. Sorry, no other formats at this point.
  • Provide links for 1-3 stories (on your blog or on any site) you have written about the destination.
  • If we don’t already know you and your work (as in we have exchanged an email or at least a social share in the recent past) please also give us your social media creds in simple links.

Please pitch only rooms that you have experienced yourself in the last 18 months. We are not looking for desk-researched stories at this time. Also, if we already know you and you want to pitch a potential room from an UPCOMING trip, please feel free.

That’s it! If we like your photo, your title, and your previously published stories about the trip that included the room we will get back to you with an assignment to write about your Room.

Room Featurette Formats:

(blank room) in 4 Shots 4 great photos; 4, 100-word graphs about the photos

The 3 (Superlative) Things About (blank room) 3 photos; 3 bullet points (100-150 words each)

(Blank Room): The Room I Still… 2 photos; 350-500 words of longing about the room

I Can Die Now; I’ve Slept in/Seen/done something cool in (blank room) 4-5 photos; 3 graphs about the importance or value of the room to you. 450 words max

You Can (blank activity) in this (blank room) in (blank destination) Enough photos to illustrate your point; 400 words max.

To recap: We want pitches FIRST, not complete stories. Your pitch consists of:

  • One of the above five titles with the blanks filled in.
  • One or two photos of the room. (can be links)
  • Links to any stories you already posted about the destination.
  • Social links if we don’t know you.

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