Is shore diving right for you?

Self-guided shore diving adds a whole new dimension to your diving repertoire. It’s inexpensive and leisurely. You start and finish on your own schedule, seeing what you want to see, not what a dive guide wants to show you. If that sounds good to you, then Bonaire has your ticket to diving freedom. There are dozens of nearly-deserted sites along Bonaire’s shores, suitable for a variety of diving abilities. All you need is a source of gear and air and a map of the sites. Dive shops are not hard to find on the island; most of the resorts have dedicated shops onsite. If you are staying in one of the many vacation rentals available on the island you will need a dive-ready rental truck or SUV. Try AB Car Rental. For gear and air refills, Dive Friends Bonaire has multiple locations, making the refills an easy undertaking, regardless of which end of the island you stay on.

No navigation worries

One of the biggest fears new shore divers have is whether they can easily find their way back to the entry point. On Bonaire, the navigation is made easy by the fact that the reefs run parallel to the shore. You decide your depth, swim in one direction for half of your dive profile. You return in the opposite direction for an equal amount of time, putting you right back where you started– hopefully right at your rental truck on shore!

Your dream dive

Have you ever longed to spend an entire dive watching one family of fish? Or maybe you want to spend an hour in the shallows watching the crazy-weird creatures that inhabit the sand. That’s the freedom you get with a shore dive. Bonaire is perhaps one of the best places to give shore diving a try, simply because it’s such a commonplace thing there. You’ll get expert advice from the dive shops on the island– where to dive, when to dive, and what you can expect to see at each site.

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