Silversea Does Bathrooms

Silversea bathrooms

In over thirty years of cruising, I have experienced all sorts of bathrooms, most barely manageable in size for two people for a week of cruising. Until we experienced Silversea bathrooms, I had never found a cruise bathroom that I could actually live with for the rest of my life. If I ever build my dream house, this is my bathroom. The suite itself was quite nice, but the bathroom was sublime.

Rich dark granite countertops and accents made the room look elegant and un-cruisey. The tub was deep and inviting after long days spent hiking through ancient ruins in Greece and Turkey.

The potty was in a separate room. It had its own entrance door into the hall/foyer of the suite, allowing access to visitors without the need to pass through the sleeping space. It also provided quick access for the cabin attendant and to Jerry the butler, who actually slipped into the bathroom one afternoon while we were napping to draw a bubble bath.

silversea bathrooms

The shower was luxuriously large, with both an overhead rain shower and an adjustable-height hand-held shower head. Each corner of the shower had shelves for toiletries and one corner had a small seat. I still dream about the Bvlgari amenities. Should have had Jerry get us some spares to bring home.

Silversea Bathrooms Got C-L-O-S-E-T

No description of Silversea bathrooms would be complete without mentioning the walk-in closets. The closet in our Silver Suite was large enough to hold my entire wardrobe, not just what I brought on the cruise. It had three entrances– one from the hall/foyer, one from the bedroom, and one from the bathroom. It was that big. Drag in a futon and I could live there.

silversea bathrooms

Gary and I were hosted by SilverSea for the purposes of review. We were not compensated by SilverSea. Opinions are my own.  

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