Welcome to Table– join us for food and drink from around our own table and from around the world. 

Having owned and operated a steakhouse in Texas for sixteen years, Gary and I know how to put food on the table– the kind that nourishes the body and the heart joyously. Our restaurant connected us to our community in a way that we could not have duplicated any other way. Our travels have taken us around the world, where we have been privileged to share a table with people from many walks of life.

What we have learned is that when people gather around a table to eat, life happens.

Go More. Experience more. Enjoy it more.

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Here’s a little about what goes on our table:

We are proud omnivores. Pretty much the only thing we won’t eat on principle is squid. As scuba divers we have a squid crush that keeps us from eating these beautiful creatures.

We are bread sluts. A meal without bread rarely satisfies. Our restaurant served four different breads, plus a delectable bread pudding.

We have a shameful affinity for junk food. I’d rather have a good slice of pizza than almost any meal. Hamburgers? Food of the gods. Tacos? Rarely go a week without them.

We believe that breakfast is the only meal that isn’t enhanced by beer or wine, but it is hands down our favorite meal. We plan around breakfast more than any other meal.

We believe that soup is the easiest way to make people happy. Three years after closing the restaurant, friends and neighbors still beg for my soup recipes.

We believe in sharing. This page is a collection of food from our travels, plus recipes and tips from our kitchen and those of fellow food lovers. Feel free to reach out by email with questions or ideas.