mediumI am so glad that you’ve chosen to visit FirstRead.Me, but I have a confession. I have another writing venue—and it’s where I post my deepest thinking. If you’ve never visited Medium, I want to encourage you to give it a try. It’s a gigantic publishing realm where you can read to your heart’s content about any topic imaginable. There’s a nominal subscription to view some stories, but there is still plenty available free without subscribing. My stuff is split about 50/50, half free, half subscription, but you can read my subscription stuff through shared links here.

I have found it to be an extraordinary platform for sharing my work from FirstRead.Me, as well as a spot to post stories that are off-topic for this site. And the more I hang out on Medium, the deeper I find my thoughts going, so I find that when I write for Medium I dive deeper myself. I wanted to share some of those stories with you here. If you enjoy them, click on the little clapping-hands symbol—or share them on your social media account. 

Dive in with me on Medium: 

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