My Columbia affair continues.

In March the folks at Columbia Sportswear sent me an assortment of clothes from their new line to put to the travel test. There were a few hits and misses, but one amazing standout: the Titan Peak long sleeve shirt.

Titan Peak Long Sleeve Shirt Features:Titan Peak

  • Patented Omni Freeze Zero cooling technology
  • Ventilated side stretch zones
  • Ventilated back
  • Zippered pockets
  • Omni shade UPF 50 sun protection
  • Antimicrobial treatment
  • Practically wrinkle free
  • You apparently can’t stain the thing

Titan Peak

Boating with friends in Puerto Vallarta.


I wore the shirt while kayaking, boating, zip lining, wine tasting, cruising, hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, dining, touring, interviewing important folks, and flying first class. It has been to four states and four countries.

I have even slept in it.

People who traveled with me this year probably wondered if I EVER take this shirt off. I’ve always been a fan of Columbia’s long sleeve PFG shirts. I wear them over tees half of the year. This new Titan Peak shirt now carries me through the warmer months. I love that it breaths, protecting from sun and insects while keeping me cool. It moves with me, doesn’t wrinkle, and even red wine can’t stain it.

On one of the first trips I took with it, there was a red wine incident that I thought was certain to halt my use of the shirt for the rest of the trip. Wrong! I wiped the wine off with a napkin with the intention of hand washing it after returning to the hotel room. The return to the hotel was later than I planned– maybe because of the red wine? I forgot all about washing the shirt until I was dressing the next morning. I was stunned to discover that the shirt had no stain. None.

I frequently wear it while caring for my horses. My horse Ray thinks that slobbering on my shoulder is something I like. In case you don’t know, horse slobber often contains dirt, grass, and other nasty stain-inducing gunk. The Titan Peak shirt has survived even Ray.

The one thing I would change.

One feature that my PFG shirts have that is missing on the Titan Peak is the little Velcro strap on the front shoulder to hang my sunglasses from. There is a nifty sunglass cleaning patch on the lower front right side, but not really a good place to hang or store them.

The Titan Peak shirt is perfect for shore diving.