Traveler Tales Shelly RivoliNo More Travel Fears

Travel is scary. Whether it’s world politics, airlines, or just how to deal with the little details of getting around in a strange place, travel fears are real. But fear no more!

There are travel writers that want to help you overcome those nagging doubts about traveling. Every word they write or post is dedicated to helping you go more, experience more, and enjoy it more. Knowledge is power! Here’s my go-to list of travel fear busters:

Shelly Rivoli Shelly manages two websites: Travels with Baby and Family Trave 411. Both sites will help you get beyond your fear of traveling with your kids with advice, not only about where to go and what to do, but how to plan for almost every eventuality of the adventure that is family travel.

Jason Leppert As a senior writer for Travel Pulse, Jason’s job is to educate the world about the joys of cruising, from construction details to special pricing, Jason gives you the power to overcome your fear of cruising.

Jennifer Fontaine  Jennifer writes at Mommy Hiker and is the founder and managing editor of Outdoor Families where she encourages readers to get off the couch and get outside.

Laura Begley Bloom Laura’s column on Forbes “Transformative Travel” is filled with travel-transformation stories about women across the globe who make their livelihoods based on travel and tourism. As you read tales of the enormous risks these people have taken, and the rewards they now reap, it helps put ordinary travel fears into perspective.

Jo Piazza Jo writes about a wide range of things, but woven through her writing is the idea that travel allows you to look at life through a different lens, often leaving you changed in ways you never thought possible. Her new book, How to Be Married, is an inspirational travel tale of love, romance, and the reality of building a partnership with another person.

Mia Taylor Think you can’t afford to travel? Mia punches a giant hole in that fear in her stories for Cheapism by telling you not only where to go, but creative ways to afford it.

Johnny Jet Afraid of flying? So was Johnny, once upon a time. Find inspiration from his story, then get the facts you need to make travel decisions.

Rossana Wyatt Think you can’t travel with dietary issues? Ha! Meet Rossana Wyatt, who lives and travels the world totally gluten free. She can show you the way to travel freedom on her blog: Life is Full of Adventures.

Matt Kepnes Writing at Nomadic Matt, Matt can teach you how to do anything from finding jobs abroad to choosing the right credit card. He has a great selection of stories to help you overcome travel fears.

Paula Froelich Paula has long been an inspiration to solo travelers. On her website A Broad Abroad, under the heading of “Badass Solo Travel,” you will find inspirational stories that take you around the globe.