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Melinda & Gary Crow

Professional Travel Industry Consultants with the Experience You Need

Want to know what we REALLY think about your hospitality or tourism business? Hire us as internal consultants. What better team could you ask for than travel writers who have also worked inside the travel industry for almost two decades?

What’s the Difference Between a Travel Industry Consultant and a Travel Writer?
Travel writing is about finding the best experiences and helping our readers plan and execute their travel. We do not feel that our role as travel writers is to criticize or publicly review the shortcomings of the facilities or destinations we experience. In other words, we don’t trash talk. We aren’t there to find the bad, just the good stuff that encourages people to travel.

But in our roles as consultants, we carefully review the criteria your business sets forth for us to examine, providing detailed documentation for your internal use only. We offer full confidentiality, guaranteeing that anything we find that may be amiss is relayed only to the designated person on your team via our written report, photographs, and videos.

We Offer Consultations on the Following Travel Industry Areas:

  • Reservations
  • Reception
  • Food Service
  • Maintenance
  • Housekeeping
  • General Services
  • Destination
  • Competitive Analysis

5 Reasons Not to Trust Your Business to Consumer Questionnaires and Reviews
Outside opinions matter, and while your customers’ feedback is invaluable in many ways, can you really trust everything they tell you? Here’s why you may need to supplement reviews and questionnaires with professional opinions.

  • Consumers are not professional observers.
  • Consumers are not always articulate in their reviews.
  • Consumers are narrow-minded in that they can rely only on their own experiences.
  • Consumers often have hidden agendas.
  • Consumers are emotional.

Choose a Professional Consultant Team Instead
Besides three decades of travel writing experience, we have more than 18 years of experience owning and operating a diverse hospitality business that includes lodging, food service, boat rentals, and retail operations. We know both sides of the hospitality equation far better than most and have a proven ability to identify and articulate our findings.

Bring us onboard your operation for a clear picture of what your guests are really experiencing. We work with any size business, from small “Mom & Pops” to multi-location corporate operations.

The Marketing Bonus That Keeps on Giving
But what you really want to know is whether we will also be wearing our travel writing hats while we are traveling on your consultation, right? We find it impossible to travel across our own home town without wearing that hat. What that means to you is that while we are work for you as travel industry consultants, looking for the nitty-gritty details you need to know about your business, we will also be looking for the good stuff to share with our readers.

That means social media shares throughout the trip and beyond, plus posts about your business on our website, FirstRead.Me, as well as the potential for stories on any of the large media outlets we write for, like Travel Pulse, Travel Age West, Family Travel 411, or Fox News Travel. The value of those bonuses alone is reason enough to start a conversation with us.

Shoot us an email and let’s explore the ways we can help your business.

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Reach out and let us know how we can help you grow your business.

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