Dreaming of uncrowded beaches, amazing water sports and accommodations that don’t require a second mortgage? Or maybe you want the best of the best when it comes to a good steak. How about renting a car in the handful of cruise ports where you might really want to go beyond what the tour and taxi drivers want you to see, where it would be safe to do so, and where you can explore at your leisure?

And then there’s amazing island just off the California coast. Ah, Santa Catalina Island, always the dichotomy between wealth and the common people, the land and the sea, development and conservancy.

And if you ‘ve got your cruise sites set on the Aegean, we’ve got you covered there too in this month’s stories so far on Travel Pulse.

Travel Pulse Round Up

My stories on Travel Pulse this month have taken you to Athens and Bonaire, and not the ones in Georgia. Together we’ve ventured to Catalina Island, Lemnos Greece, and Grand Cayman. Here’s the round up:

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