travel writers

I love travel writers.

Unabashedly so. It’s almost to the point of criminal stalking in some cases. I consider getting to rub shoulders with my heroes one of the perks of being a travel writer, but when I walk into a room full of writers my palms get sweaty, my voice cracks, and I NEVER know exactly what to say. The people I get to hang out with have written some amazing stuff.  I already introduced you to a group of travel writers that can help you squash your travel fears.

But now my stalking of travel writers has taken a new turn. It occurred to me that I could not possibly be the only super fan out there, so I politely asked some of my colleagues to join a special Facebook group where people who love them could hang out too. It’s what Facebook calls a “closed” group, which means that you have to join the group. But don’t worry, I’m the guard at the door, so I promise to let you in.

If you haven’t joined any groups on Facebook before here are a few things to know:

  • Nobody other than other group members can see what you post, so it’s kind of a cool way to keep your addiction to travel writers secret from the rest of your Facebook friends.
  • It’s better than following the fan pages of every travel writer you come across, which tends to clutter your feed. With a group, we are all in one place and you will simply get group notifications when any of the writers publishes.
  • You can ask your favorite travel writers questions! Say, for example, a writer posts a link to a story on their blog about traveling to Vancouver. Feel free to ask the writer right there on her group post if the hotel she stayed at has a restaurant on site or anything else you want to know. Or just gush your admiration with likes and smiley faces.
  • You will probably be privy to insider info as the writers chat among themselves. How cool is that? It’s kind of my favorite part.
  • You are likely to find travel writers that you may never have found any other way.
  • This group of writers writes about a wide array of travel topics and destinations, from museums in small towns in the U.S. to shopping in Europe.

And if you haven’t quite come to terms with your addiction to travel writers, and prefer to think that you just love reading travel articles, that’s okay too. We’ll have plenty of articles for you to choose from.

And because I sometimes get asked about being a travel writer, I finally decided to make a list of what I know about the biz. I am certainly not an expert, but I have put lots of words on lots of pages. Click the top link below for the sum of all my travel writing advice.

Everything I Learned from 30+ Years as a Travel Writer

I love Travel Writers Facebook Group